More than 1,000 men and women have come through the Lifeline to Success program in the last eight years—fewer than five have gone on to commit another felony. Success is defined differently for each of our Team Members. For some it’s becoming a better parent, for others it’s staying sober and for many it means landing a job and employment. 

For all of them, it means leading a life guided by the Lifeline to Success creed:
        I am a success
        I matter
        I am important
        I am somebody special
        I am loved 
        I am needed
        I am NOT my crime
        I am NOT my past
        I am new
        God loves me

Each class session ends with members standing to recite those words. Saying them together, in a safe place and as part of a community, is the essence of Lifeline to Success. 

That community and that safe place don’t exist without the generous support of our partners and donors. YOUR gift will help these men and women grab hold of the Lifeline to Success and plant them firmly on the road from prison to promise. 

Give securely online today – www.lifeline2success.org/donations.

Platinum offering $5,000 or more
Gold offering $1,000 - $4,999
Silver offering $250 - $999
Bronze offering $20 - $249

Clothing - business and personal attire
Office supplies - pads of paper, pens, tape, staples, reams of copy paper, hi-liters binders and folders. These will be useful supplies for the members to take notes and keep files for paperwork.
Computers - will assist with job training
Software - Office, Word, Excel, Access (2000 or later)
Non-perishable food - food baskets

Our Ministry is also looking for support to lower overhead cost:
Building or house - any type of space that we could use for classes and a meeting place
House - this can be used as a transitional place for a family in need (short term housing). Or a donation of a monthly lease/rent of low cost apartments
Monetary donation - always helpful for the office and assist for emergencies for members (help with MLGW, phone, rent).

Vinessa and Minister Cedrick Foster 
Vinessa and Mark Earley
DeAndre explains "success"
DeAndre and Chuck  Colson
DeAndre in the Media