At Lifeline, we believe that ex-offenders need to be accepted right where they are, just as they are. We know that they can’t accept and love others until they accept and love themselves. Success looks different for each person—we define it as looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

“Our members come to us depressed, torn and experiencing extreme trauma,” DeAndre says. “They’ve tried every other avenue and realized nothing else will work. We take them back to wherever it was they messed up—sometimes that’s 20 years ago—repair whatever is in their mind that triggered it and then build them up and bring them back to where they are today.”

Self-acceptance is just one step on the road from prison to promise. Ex-offenders face challenges beyond just being labeled—they need help with identity documents, job training and education. 

For our members, Lifeline is a way of life, a school and a family. It provides them a place to be heard, and a place to learn…guidance for spiritual struggles and guidance for earning a GED.

With your help, we help our members go from prison to promise. 


Will Golden’s life changed drastically the day he went to jail for aggravated robbery.

“I wanted to be the thug—because I was scared of life,” Will says.

His story doesn’t end there—Will’s life changed again the day he walked into Lifeline to Success.

 “I used to say. ‘I don’t like people.’ But since I’ve been here, I realize my duty is not to myself. It’s to other people. I’m supposed to be showing somebody something different - because I’ve been shown something different.”

“Lifeline is a place where you can be your real self.”

With the help of donors and supporters across Memphis, Lifeline to Success is showing ex-offenders like Will something different—that life after prison can be one of value, purpose and promise.

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