LifeLine to Success currently offers two manuals to assist you with your reentry program.
LIFE SKILLS              ($10.00 each)
JOB READINESS      ($15.00 each)
Package price of $20.00 for both manuals.
The instructors manuals are an additional $5.00.
Discounts are available for orders of 20 or more.
Questions? Contact: dbrown@lifeline2success.org or (901)729.6537
The Life Skills Manual deals with the daily living of your clients. Below is a list of some ot the topics that are covered.
  • Who am !?
  • Dealing with Society
  • Dealing with Adversity
  • Rebuilding Relationships
  • And many others
The Job Readiness Manual focuses on the struggles that your clients will face in their job search. They will learn how to be better equipped than the general public. Topics covered in the workbook include:
  • What is success?
  • Goal Setting (S.M.A.R.T) goals
  • Elevator speeches
  • Understanding Employer's Expectations
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Interviewing Skills
  • And many more.
The Job Readiness Manual comes with a power point presentation.
Manuals are bound and come with poly covers on the front and back for durability.