Reentry of ex-offenders is crucial to the reduction of crime and the advancement of public safety. That is why the Out4Life movement is so important to our society. Groups from various backgrounds are focusing their efforts collectively towards a common issue with a common goal, with a common expectation of success. This country has never seen such a moment since the Civil Rights movement. Secular, faith-based, governmental agencies, and common people with a heart for men and women are coming together to equip individuals with felony convictions with the tools necessary and with the opportunities to reenter society with a POSITIVE impact on their communities.

The Tennessee Out4Life conference was a HUGE success. We had 286 participants from all over the state. We even had representation from Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Lousiana- just to name a few. I would like to thank God for the direction and Prison Fellowship for receiving the vision and leading us in this charge to impact lives.

The break-out sessions were relevant and well organized. The presenters were prepared and informed. The class sizes were managable. The participants were receptive and engaging. The leadership was on one accord- in the public's view.There were no major glitches. And I believe this conference will be a model for the Out4Life conferences that follow all over the country. Great job Aimee, Larry, Ed, Jean, David, Arleen, Mary, Bruce, Greg and all of the volunteers and service providers. I am glad and proud to say that I was a part.

Moving forward, we must be sure to not lose the momentum that Out4Life has begun. Information was shared. Ideas were exchanged. Visions and plans were enhanced. Relationships were formed and fostered.Coalitions were established and others were strenghten in numbers and mission. I pray that individuals were stirred up to fight even harder. We are on our way. Memphis Transformation Network- LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD!
Pastor Brown