Is Work a Right?

Why do people feel that having a job is a right, as if they are entitled to work? A job is a privilege and it has to be earned. People expect us to put them to work, but they don't want to go through the classes we have to offer. Men haven't worked in 3 years can't give us 8 weeks... hmmm. Do they really wanna work?

Our phone rings constantly, and the person calling asks, "Can you get me a job". First of all, we don't know who the person is. Responsible people would never set someone up for failure. That's what we would be doing if we simply sent men and women out to work without, first, getting to know them and instilling our programs values into them.

So many people say they want work, but they are not ready for work. They lack the basic skills that employers are looking for. That is why the job searches are always unfruitful. Our job is to train men and women in the areas that employers look for. We don't have a magic formula, but we do know what employers want.

We MUST be able to vouch for anyone that we send to an employer. That only comes with time. That is why our program is structured the way that it is. We have been very successful so we can not begin to stray from our core values.

I'm sure many men and women have hung up angry. But if they would give us a try, they would see that it is not hard. And the time will be over before you know it. Explain this logic: a woman hasn't had a job in 4 years. We tell her that if she completes our program, we will send her to an employer that works with us. She doesn't come. huh?

People don't really pay attention sometimes. If I have been unsuccessful in my job search for YEARS, why can't I give an organization 2 months in a situation where I won't even have to search anymore. The employer will be waiting for ME? STRANGE!
Pastor Brown