A Close Walk to Peace

Peace is achieved when members of the community come together as an expression of unity to give notice to those that may not have peace on their minds that they are no longer welcome in our community. That is why A Closer Walk to Peace was so important to the Frayser Community.

Frayser is a neighborhood that is in transition. We are attacking all of the things that are not constructive in our community. We are doing that in collaboration, something that has not truly taken place in our community before. Blight, infant mortality, youth violence, domestic violence and other socially acceptable norms are our targets.

I was very moved by the show of force that was displayed this weekend at the walk. It was attended by people that have the access to the resources that our community so desperately needs. They were able to see first hand what obstacles our neighborhood faces on a daily basis.

If you were not there, I wish you could have seen it! There were over 10 police cars there, waiting to escort us on our trek from Ed Rice Community Center on Watkins to the James E. Smith Resource Center on Frayser Blvd (two of the busiest streets in Frayser). As we began the walk, the officers stopped traffic in both directions, ALL four lanes. Then we proceeded down Watkins. As we descended down the hill, all we could see were blue lights flashing. The police had blocked every street and parking lot entrance from Whitney to Frayser Blvd. Someone said that it looked like the President was coming! We had an escort in the front, and all traffic was blocked from behind. The cars had to follow the walk. Neighbors began to look out of their windows. Store owners came out to witness. Even the passers by began to inquire as to what was going on. They had never seen that many police in our neighborhood like that before for a good cause.

When we reached Frayser Blvd, the entire intersection was at a standstill. When we turned the corner, we saw that Frayser Blvd. was secured that same way that Watkins was. The manager at Taco Bell even came out and asked what we were walking for. It was a very good day!

I would like to thank Mayors AC Wharton and Mark Luttrell, District Attorney General Amy Weirich, City Councilman Kemp Conrad, MCS Commissioner Stephanie Gatewood, Principal Bobby White, Pastors Walter Smith, Michael Ellis and Jerry Jenkins, Minister Derek Flake, Elder Charlie Caswell, Steve Lockwood, Peter Abell, Zach Thomas, Christine Grandberry, Lee Harris, Terry Spicer, LifeLine board members Minister Samuel McPherson, Kelly Price, Nicole Gates, Shelly Rice, and Patsy Anderson and a host of others for their participation in the walk.

And to our sponsors: Harold Collins for City Council, Myron Lowery, Lee Harris, Kemp Conrad, Amy Weirich, Peter Abell, Dr. Bill Byrne, Texas De Brazil, The Frayser Exchange Club, Hampton Inn, Rangeline CDC, BoneFish Grill, National Civil Rights Musuem, AutoZone-Frayser, Jewson Enterprises- Austin Texas, Smith Printing & Marketing, W.E.B.S, we could not have done this without you!

I can not forget our staff: Starr, Candi, Renee, Tasha, Andrea, and Marshaye. Thank you ladies!

Frayser is on the move, and we are glad to be a part. Unity drives out evil and makes neighborhoods, neighborhoods. God bless!

Pastor Brown