Everyone Has Value

How do you show the world the value of a human being- one that has been classified as “less than” or unworthy of redemption? How do you convince the world that all men and women have potential and purpose. How do you convince those that are not directly affected by this plight to get involved and assist? And who is responsible for making sure these issues are addressed?

I sit in my office, frustrated and discouraged by the fact that “big business” has the ability to rally and apply pressure to ensure that their agendas are fulfilled. Yet, men and women that have no voice are being overlooked and left to fend for themselves. No one is rallying to make sure that convicted felons are able to provide for themselves and their families. Sure, “important people” will stop by and share a word, but will they become the voice of a voiceless, overlooked population.

I understand the fear that felony convictions cause. Society has labeled one that has committed such crimes that are of a felonious nature as being threats. While that is true for a segment of this population, the majority of us are not threats. We have seen the error of our ways and want to be accepted. So we will subject ourselves to conditions that are less than favorable, in an effort to show just how committed me are to transforming society’s image of us. We have vowed to outwork and outlast the general population. We have vowed to become vital assets to the community. We have vowed to change society’s view of us.

I believe that our work is valuable and essential to the transformation of our community. Who will stand and say that for us, though. Who will say that the work that we do (transforming the lives of those that have felony convictions and have had no desire to positively contribute to society before encountering our program) is so important that it can not be put in jeopardy? Who will partner with us and continue the momentum that we have begun?

We will not quit! I am a success. I matter. I am important. I am somebody special. I am NOT my crime. I am NOT my past. I am new. God loves me. I love me. I WILL SUCCEED!

Pastor Brown