Why Do We Need LifeLine?

LifeLine to Success is a very unique program. I use the word program because it is our job to literally change the person that comes to us from a burden on society, one who has no desire to do anything constructive and is selfish, self-centered and greedy, into a person that is an asset to the community and is a positive role model. Our task is to deprogram and then reprogram. This job is not an easy one. Our clients have issues and habits that have been embedded in them for decades. Those issues and habits have become the comfort zone for them. Anything contrary to those issues and habits are seen as negative and unwanted, even though those are the very things needed to turn their lives in a positive direction.

We have had a tremendous amount of success because we love our clients. We aren’t looking for anything from them. We want to pour into them. Simple. The love that we have shown has allowed us to build lasting relationships with our clients and Lifeline to Success has become their new safehaven and comfort zone. That was never more evident that last week, on a day that I canceled class for lack of dedication and participation.

I sent everyone home through a message. I told Stonie to tell everyone to take the day off. When I pulled up, one of our clients was waiting on the bus. He asked me why I canceled class. I told him that I needed him to trust my judgment. He respected that and went on to explain to me why he did NOT want to go home.

“Mr. Brown, I wanna thank you for what you are doin for me at LifeLine. Mr. Brown I don’t wanna go home cause Ima drug deala and I don’t wanna do that no mo. If I go home, um around dope and folks sellin dope. If I try ta hang out wit my old friends, they all doin stuff ion do no mo. I NEED this Mr. Brown. PLEASE don’t make me go home. I gotta new family now. Ya’ll my family and I need ya’ll. PLEASE Mr. Brown, I wants ta work taday.”

It broke my heart to send him home. I told him to pray and hold on to the teaching and I would see him in the morning. He did. And he is still with us. His story is not the only one like that. Most of our clients don’t want to go home. They will come early and stay late. We have an environment that is inviting. They can just come up and hangout.

LifeLine to Success strives to be a beacon of hope for our community. We are a place where you can lay your burdens down. We will counsel you, talk with you, assist in any way that we have the ability. I love what I do. The heart aches and heartbreaks and frustrations are drastically minimized by the sight of our clients reunited with their families and feeling like a part of society again. Gotta love it!
Pastor Brown