Reflections: How It All Began

Today I had the privilege of sharing the Word of God with the female inmates in Mark Luttrell Correctional Center. I love being able to go back and share with those that are still “behind the wall”. While sitting in my office, I found the letter that I wrote to my wife on 12-06-03, the night I preached my first message! I was an inmate at the Shelby County Correctional Center. The LeMoyne-Owen College Gospel Choir (LOCGC) provided the music.

While I was away at prison, “on vacation”, I wrote a letter to my wife every night, as a journal. She kept every last one of them. I’ve contemplated putting them together in book form, but I haven’t decided if anyone would be interested in reading it. In the meantime, I have decided to share some of them on our blog. I’ll share that letter now:


Hey! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! I just got back from church. I’ve been nervous all day, so I couldn’t write. I’ve been in deep meditation. I’ve been focused on my message. I love LOCGC and Mrs. Saulsberry. Tonight couldn’t have been any better. Mrs. Holloway even showed up. I want to write, but I’m just full. Mark this day. To see all of those souls didn’t make my day- it made my life. “Boys run in packs. It takes a man to stand alone”. For one night, I WAS FREE! I was right back in the choir. I’m so glad to know my purpose in my life. I have all the confirmation I need. I’ll write more about tonight tomorrow. But, I do want to add to what I wrote yesterday. He (God) has been preparing me since Junior High. I’ve been speaking in front of crowds since 8th grade. It had to be God because my first speech came at a time I had no idea would come. We had just consolidated 3 Junior High Schools together. I didn’t know a lot of people. The second day of school, we were all brought into the gym. Then, out of the blue, they had student government elections. I was nominated class president by my cousin, Michelle. I was up against 3 white girls. Remember, this is Arkansas and I believe we were in the minority. I won. I was President of our class until my Senior year, when I became Student Council President. I couldn’t be President of the class and Student Council at the same time. So I became V.P. It was funny. In 9th grade, I had several opponents. I won by a landslide. No one ran against me ever again. That was God. Mr. Ford, the principal, called a class meeting trying to get anyone to oppose me. NEVER! I had to give speeches to the class all the time. And my Senior year, I had to address the entire school at every event. I’d lead the Alma Mater and the Pledge of Allegiance. I became comfortable in front of people. He was preparing me then. But I ran away. Now I can’t run. That’s enough for tonight. My head is beginning to hurt. I’m too high! It’s almost 11pm and I’m still excited. Thank you for being in my corner. I love you. KEEP YOUR FAITH! GOOD NIGHT!

Pastor Brown