LifeLine and ASD (Achievement School District)

When the news of a “state takeover” of the schools in Frayser was announced, our reaction was not a positive one. We feared that we would soon be overrun by strangers from parts of the country that do not understand the unique challenges our neighborhood provides. We felt that we would have no input and that our schools were being taken away because of our failures. That myth was soon dispelled by Superintendent Chris Barbic and his team. They came to Frayser asking all the right questions and looking to partner with the community. Frayser was looking for a partner that could provide resources and hope that we did not have access to. ASD was an answer to prayer.

LifeLine to Success, an ex-offender reentry program, welcomed the ASD and looked for ways to assist with their arrival. LifeLine is attempting to change the social paradigm in Frayser and the ASD has the ability to touch many more people than LifeLine. It was a perfect fit. So, LifeLine decided to do whatever that was in its power to assist ASD with its introduction into the community. We, LifeLine, wanted to build trust from the community immediately for the ASD. We joined in every event that was sponsored by the ASD, clad in our lime green BLIGHT PATROL shirts. We pray that helped solidify the ASD’s presence in Frayser. We are proud to be partners and we are committed to the success of the ASD. Thank you for joining our team. Let’s change the world.!

Pastor Brown